The Official Society

clan-carruthers-letter-head-2_orig copyThe Clan Carruthers Society  – International is the only clan society recognised by the clan worldwide and officially authorised by the hereditary Chief of Carruthers, Simon Peter Carruthers of Holmains, to represent them. It was founded based on the Royal Charter of 1755 and the Marriage Contract of 1762, of John Carruthers, 12th of Holmains.

The Chiefs of Carruthers can trace their evidenced lineage in Scotland back nearly 1000 years, and the current chief is 22nd of his line. The family originated in Annandale Dumfrieshire, Scotland and maintains its place in both Border and Scottish history to this very day.

Their site is separate to this and is full of current news, clan blogs and membership access, which is linked to the clan Facebook page.

Their Clan badge, which as the official Society badge, reflects the clan crest of the Chief of Carruthers. This being a seraphim volent Proper, encircled by belt and buckle, on which is inscribed the Chiefs motto: Promptus et Fidelis (Ready and Faithful). The waering of the badge shows fealty to the chief

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