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Tartans on display

As a Scottish border Clan and Family, like all others of that ilk, Carruthers never had a tartan of their own. In fact family tartans rather than regional/district tartans or military tartans in the main, only came into being in the early part of the 18th century and only after the visit of King George IV in 1822. This induced the Scottish culture and all that went with it to become in vogue. However, as borderers, our clothing was historically far more suited to riding and reiving than wearing a tartan kilt and although a district weave may have been used in some forms of attire, it definately did not lead to the waering of the kilt. As times changed and Scots and those descended from the same, wished to celebrate their culture by weraring their ‘national dress’, kilts and in somes cases trews in the tartan of ones own clan or family can be seen at cutural events as well as celebrations such as weddings.

Carruthers Tartan

IMG_3908As tartan has become ever more popular and synonymous with Scottish culture and heritage, and as it is one of the visual signatures associated with a clan or family, two tartans were registered with the Scottish Register of Tartans in 2017 by Dr George Carruthers of Fife, an armiger of the clan. This was in done to define who and what we are and in preparation for the confirmation of a Clan Carruthers Chief. Confirmation was achieved after 12 long years of research and investigation in 2019, which culminated in Simon Peter Carruthers of Holmains, known and Peter, being recognised by the Lord Lyon as Chief of the Name and Clan Carruthers.

It is therefore with the full consent and agreement of the Chief that the Carruthers Red (STR 11700) is the official Clan Carruthers tartan. This is available to all of our name and derivations of the same. The Carruthers Blue (STR 11699) however, is only available to members in good standing through the Clan Carruthers Society International.

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