Mouswald Manuscript 1361

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The House of Carruthers of Mouswald were the descendants of the first recorded Carruthers; Carruthers of Carruthers. They became the Chiefs of the family until 1548. The demise of the House occured when the Chief at the time; Sir Simon Carruthers of Mouswald, was killed on a border raid. From here, the Chiefly line was taken up by the most dsenior branch of the family, Carruthers of Holmains. The chiefly line of Holmains continues to this day and is represented by the current Chief, Simon Peter Carruthers of Holmains. The link between the two houses is highlighted through the documentation below, which was sent to the Society for their use, by members of the Holmains line.
Below is a copy of one of the oldest Carruthers artifacts dating back to the early days of Mouswald, the Charter of Half Raffols and was received by John de (of) Carruthers from King David II (1324-1371). This document clearly demonstrates a link between John, mentioned in ‘Wyntouns’s Cronykil’ who was also Kings Chancellor at the time, and his brothers; Thomas 1st of Mouswald and William 2nd of Mouswald.
John de Carruthers was to become the the ancestor to the House of Holmains, now the Chiefly Line of our name.
A translation and a photograph of a Charter to Carruthers 10th December 1361
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Photo of Original 1361 Charter Manuscript CCSI©
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Copy of the Charter text ©

David by the Grace of God, King of Scots and Lord of Annandale, to all honest men of his whole land, greetings, know that we have given, conceded and by our own present charta have confirmed to our beloved and faithful John de Carruthers, the half past of all lands and of which were John de Rafhols, lying within the tenement of Mouswald (une Gontrée) which half past extends to fifty shilling sterling and came into our hands by reason of forfeiture. To hold and to have the aforesaid its liberties, advantages and casements, belonging to the said half past of all the said lands purporting to belong or in any way rightfully to refer to the said John de Carruthers and his heirs, freely, quietly, well, truly, honourably and in peace on our own part and that of their heirs forever. The said John and his heirs paying annually to us and to our own heors the service due and want by law. In testimony of which things we have ordered to be placed our seal of the aforesaid valley on our present charta at Mouswald on the tenth day of December in the thirty year of our reign, with these witnesses,
Robert de Gorry, Lord of Newby,
Robert de Carruthers, Lord of Mouswald,
William de Crigton, Lord of Dryfesdale
Humphry Jardine, Lord of Appleyard
John de Johnstone, Lord of that Ilk
John de Caldicot, Lord of Hoton,
And many others